Annie & Connie Chow 

Annie & Connie Chow 


We are the Chow Sisters, Annie and Connie! As vegetarians, we hope to inspire you through our photos to choose veggie options next time you dine. Many people think that vegetarianism comes at a cost - that you miss out on all the good food and there are very limited options. Well, we're here to prove this wrong! Take a look at the amazing dishes we've had in the different cities we travel to. Leave comments and let us know your thoughts!


Good food has been a centerpiece of Annie's life since she was a child growing up in Southern California. With many delicious ethnic restaurants in Los Angeles, Annie was lucky enough to be close to all of it, always looking for the next best meal. Steak, bulgogi, sashimi-- you name it, she loved it. You could see why the whole family was shocked when she decided to go vegetarian in January '08  during her freshmen year in college. Mom and Dad thought it was just a phase so they supported it, secretly doubting her ability to commit since they knew she loved meat so much. But the buzz around global warming and environmentalism only grew bigger, which encouraged Annie research more about the damages of meat production and consumption, to our earth and to our bodies. Annie learned of numerous health benefits of the vegetarian diet and the fight against animal cruelty, then decided this was the right path for her. She was also influenced by her volunteer organization, Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation, which has always promoted vegetarianism.

Inspired by her older sister, Connie also decided to jump on the vegetarian bandwagon two years later when she began university in 2010. While freshmen usually can't wait to take advantage of the unlimited entree meal plan, the only thought bothering Connie was: How good of quality could this meat be if the cafeteria was desperately trying to satisfy eager students' endless appetites?! The answer? You don't want to know. And so it began, Connie became a vegetarian, just like that. Cold turkey. People almost always ask the same questions when they find out you're a vegetarian, "So... why are you doing it? Don't you miss meat? Don't you miss bacon??" For Connie, it's simple: She's doing it for the environment - meat production is the #1 carbon emitter on our planet; for her own health benefits- research shows that meat consumption and cancer/ disease risk are highly correlated; and lastly, for the animals - Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO), hormonal injections to speed and plump up farm animals, need she continue? For the reasons listed above, no, Connie does not miss meat, nor does she miss bacon. Connie always tells her friends that if you truly believe in a cause, nothing can stop you from supporting it.

So, with Annie as the lead foodie and Connie as the photographer, the two set out to find the most delicious vegetarian dishes around. They hope to debunk the traditional idea that the only vegetarian option out there is SALAD (though salads are necessary for a balanced vegetarian diet). This blog will show you where to find the best veggie eats in restaurants around the city!! Happy browsing!