JAPAN! One of my favorite countries! Behold... all of our Japanese VEGETARIAN food adventures below!!! That's right, we said it - all vegetarian (no fish)! We've traveled to Japan a number of times, and each time we visited different cities. At first, we thought our meals would be a struggle since Japan famously known for its seafood and most dishes contain fish ingredients because it is a main staple in all their cooking. Japanese people add fish flakes to almost everything including all of their special sauces and seasonings. So it was much to our surprise that we did not experience issues finding veggie options! Because we went with a tour group, we were able to confirm that our meals would be prepared vegetarian. We wanted the best of the best - if the tour agency had planned a fancy steak dinner for the group, then we requested for something equal in value. Everything was incredibly delicious, and healthy! Japan is one of our favorite countries to visit because they still have a very strong sense of culture and have not been influenced by Western culture. If you have the opportunity to go to Japan, we highly recommend it. The food, the people, and culture are all worth experiencing! Check out our photos below :).