If you've never been to France, Montreal might be a great place to get a little taste of it! The dual French-English speaking locals add a little bonus to the European-American culture. The architecture is astounding - a combination of vintage and modern structures; and down by Place Jacques-Cariter (Old Montreal), the energy of the people, sound of jazz musicians and other artistic performers captivate you as you stroll down the cobblestones and smell the delicious scents from the market and restaurants. It was on a complete whim that my friends and I decided just two weeks prior that we would visit Montreal over Labor Day Weekend. It turned out to be a fantastic trip and it thoroughly exceeded my expectations! Montreal is a beautiful city with easy transportation, delicious food, and friendly locals. The best part of the trip was exploring the new city with my old and new friends! Below are some pictures from my adventures in Montreal! Enjoy!!

Photos courtesy of my talented friend, Gary Shih :)